When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. ~ Buddha


My coaching… is like your signature scent. 

The base note is your self-awareness. The middle notes, your new practices. The top notes, your action and long-term results.

Smells nice? Yes. Is it for everyone? No. 

I am not into the super exclusive high-end marketing shit, but my wisdom has to meet your readiness to transform your current life; the Buddhist wisdom goes deep. With my help, you will uncover a lot of demons you know you have to face to resolve it once and for all. We de-clutter known perspectives that are not making you happy and learn new stuff that is known to the happy crowd, the fulfilled and successful folks, the Buddhist monks, the serene wise people you wish you were one of.

My purpose here is not to change you but to guide you through the process you need in order to succeed in whatever it is you seek. I educate, inspire, guide and challenge you through your own process. I kick your arse to push you out of your comfort zone but I do south kindness and a guiding hand. 

Your Commitment to Yourself.

Your decision to work with me is your decision to work on yourself.

The money you are willing to invest into your coaching reflects how badly you want to become wiser and happier. 

You can chose to work with me in one of the following ways:

  • Mini coaching 
  • Transformational coaching  
  • 3 day intensive spiritual retreat 
  • 1 year spiritual coaching

No matter what option you choose, my focus on your results is the same. Famous for delivering each time, the clarity and the next steps strategy that you seek from me will undoubtedly be the result of our work together. 

Note: All prices are in USD.

Mini coaching  (USD $500)

Me: This is my karma. Since childhood, I would advise everyone confiding in me. You can find me on an airplane, on a bench, in a club or a Buddhist monastery, there will be at least 3 people sharing their deepest fears and secrets with me without me asking a thing, just to email me later on saying how I changed their lives. 

You: Sometimes you don’t need a huge program. Sometimes you just need to offload a burden that you can’t share with anyone. I’ve got a gift of intuitive, wise yet super objective and pragmatic scanning of the entire situation. I then suggest solutions that get you unstuck. Your secret is kept safe & you get a supportive friend in a particular issue that you achieved to resolve.

  • 2 x 60 mins deep coaching sessions on Skype or Face Time
  • 30 mins follow up call on Skype or Face Time 
  • Texts and emails follow-up within 2 weeks
  • Bag of helpful practices that you can take with you
  • BONUS: Free e-book & Discounts on all my programs

Transformational coaching (USD $2,000)


This programme is ideal for anyone who wants to change habits, learn new techniques and get support throughout a challenging situations they need to resolve.

In between sessions you will have some homework that is meaningful yet not time consuming. This brings fast and visible results in your mindset – on which we focus – and also in your current situation.

  • 4 sessions of 2 hours or 8 sessions of 1 hour sessions on Skype or Face Time 
  • Texts and emails 24/7 within the 4 or 8 weeks of program
  • Bag of helpful practices that you can take with you
  • BONUS: Free e-book & Discounts on all my programs

3 day 1-1 spiritual retreat (USD $4,000)

I signed myself into a Buddhist monastery for 10 days and realised that I’ve done more work in those 10 days than I did in the past 5 years. Since then I regularly go into retreat at home or in nature. I come out with total clarity and focus, with an action plan. The brilliance and creativity of the solutions that come out of a retreat cannot be achieved in a day to day life full of energy and digital noise.

  • 3 days of isolation. You. Me. No phones. No computer. No Facebook.
  • Buddhist books. Mind maps. Meditation. Aha Moments.
  • Peaceful place that suits us equally both in terms of geography. 
  • Focus. Clarity. Strategy.
  • Bag of helpful practices that you can take with you
  • BONUS: Free e-book & Discounts on all my programs


1 year spiritual coaching (USD $10,000)

This program is suitable only for the committed ones or for a prospective transformational coach. You want to take it slowly but surely. You want a thorough change for good. And you want to avoid ever going back to old habits and neglect your spiritual way of living.

I am a student of Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism. I lead a life of a Buddhist, yet, I make good money, run 2 businesses, have an amazingly meaningful and spiritual relationship and love everywhere I go. I know how to do things, manifest things, believe and question. I love to test and prove, I know how to learn shit on my own and I am great in teaching others to do the same.

  • 2 hrs deep session on Skype or Face Time for 12 months (twice a month)
  • Texts and emails 24/7 within the year
  • Bag of helpful practices that you can take with you
  • BONUS: Free e-book & Discounts on all my programs