4 weeks spiritual coaching


The first two sessions are learning the principles of Buddhism and Law of Attraction. You unlearn the old perspective on how life actually works. You get the meaning behind any shit that happened. You instantly feel better and wiser, I guarantee you. No one ever bothered to educate us in this way, so I teach you some wise stuff to make you get it where it still hurts and doesn’t click as yet.

The last two sessions are spent on pure action plans where you apply the homework and principles we learnt.

In between you will have a lot of homework. This means you will feel immediately as you’re achieving more than you could have imagined plus you will be able to test out the spiritual practices and see how they work. I share with you all my private examples with absolute honesty and no BS is allowed. We are totally honest and committed to crack on with wisdom.



  • 2 hrs deep session on Skype or Face Time for 4 weeks (once a week)
  • Texts and emails 24/7 within the 4 weeks of program
  • Bag of Buddhist and Law of Attraction practices that you will apply in your life
  • BONUS: $100 monthly subscription to check-in with me for 45 mins top up call (this is to maintain the wisdom and the practice you just learnt)