Confession session


Me: This is my karma. Since childhood, I would advise everyone confiding in me. You can find me on an airplane, on a bench, in a club or a Buddhist monastery, there will be at least 3 people sharing their deepest fears and secrets with me without me asking a thing, just to email me later on saying how I changed their lives. 

You: Sometimes you don’t need a program. Sometimes you just need to offload a burden that you can’t share with anyone. I’ve got a gift of intuitive, wise yet super objective and pragmatic scanning of the entire situation. I then suggest solutions that get you unstuck. Your secret is kept safe & you get a supportive friend in a particular issue that you achieved to resolve.



  • 2 hrs deep conversation with wise spiritual principles on Skype or Face Time
  • 30 mins follow up call on Skype or Face Time within 1 week
  • Texts and emails follow-up within 2 weeks
  • Bag of Buddhist practices that you can take with you
  • BONUS: $100 monthly subscription to check-in with me for 45 mins top up call (this is to maintain the wisdom and the practice you just learnt)