Hi. I’m Duda Baldwin – life coach and mentor for action takers who are unwilling to compromise themselves in order to be happy or successful.

My biggest gift is seeing who you are and reminding you of that.

Since I was a kid I was truthful to myself; living on my terms, uncompromisingly, both in my personal and professional life. My friends often remind me that I ‘mentored’ them to do the same.

Age 10, I already had a succesfull career in the competitive industry of music, followed by numerous successes in the academic world (I got offered a PhD at age 26) and I built a 6-figure business in London from being broke.

I hold a double degree with a Masters in Sociology (main focus Social Psychology).

I’m a certified NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapy Practitioner™, currently studying towards Dipl. in Counseling. Certified in the Foundation of Buddhist Thought, studying with Tibetan Buddhist Lamas, I teach people Mindfulness and practical Buddhism in my popular online course Little School of Buddhism. I embed Buddhism and Stoicism in all I do, personally and profesionally.

What I consider as my biggest acheievement is overcoming struggles such as anxiety, depression, workaholism, perfectionism amongst other painful mental states and finding my unique way to help others in fighting theirs. As a sufferer of chronic migraines and fatigue, I also help those who suffer from chronic pain to find meaning and strenght in their lives.

Soon after I founded my online business in 2009 with clients such as Apple, CEO’s of luxury fashion brands, Hollywood actors and other influential figures, my success story got published. People kept asking me to coach them. My calling found me and I never looked back.

In 2016 I became one of the Virgin Start Up Mentors in the UK.

My unmistaken intution and authenticity is what serves people over and over again.

Additional Trainings

Business development:

  • Marie Forleo (B-School), Laura Belgray (Copy Cure)
  • Key Person of Influence Program
  • Lisa Nichols: Speak & Inspire
  • Rich Litvin: The Exponential Coach Masterclass
  • Christina Berkley: Elements
  • Susie Moore: Five Minutes to Famous

Personal and Spiritual development:

  • Jack Cornfield and Tara Brach on Mindfulness
  • Buddhism and Modern Psychology, R. Wright, Princeton University
  • Jane Teresa Anderson on Dream Interpretation
  • Positive Psychology with B. Pobric
  • Michael Singer: The Surrender Experiment
  • Abraham Hicks: Law of Attraction

8 fun facts about me

  1. Visiting Bali, I didn’t want to end as Gilbert in “Eat, Pray, Love”. Luckily,  I failed and met my now husband.
  2. If I have chocolate at home, I turn into a monster and have it all at once, when everyone’s asleep.
  3. I can meditate in silence for weeks but if I Skype family or friends, I can’t stop talking.
  4. Age 8, I came up to a band, claiming I’m good and they should give me a shot. Turns out I was right and my 18 years career in music began.
  5. I’m obsessed with Labradors and will speak to any I see on the streets, no matter how crazy the owner might think I am.
  6. I’m putting myself out there on videos and in my articles but I’m an introvert and empath. Tough gig!
  7. My dream job is getting paid for reading books (and eating chocolate, perhaps).
  8. Age 12, I got kicked out of the Church for speaking my mind out loud. Loved every moment of it!

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