1 year spiritual coaching


This program is suitable only for the committed ones or for a prospective transformational coach. You want to take it slowly but surely. You want a thorough change for good. And you want to avoid ever going back to old habits and neglect your spiritual way of living.

I am a student of Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism. I lead a life of a Buddhist, yet, I make good money, run 2 businesses, have an amazingly meaningful and spiritual relationship and love everywhere I go. I know how to do things, manifest things, believe and question. I love to test and prove, I know how to learn shit on my own and I am great in teaching others to do the same.

If you’re not sure about booking yet and would like to have a 30 minutes free consultation to see if we’re a good match and how I can help you, please click here to enquire or email me on duda@kickassmuse.com.

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  • 2 hrs deep session on Skype or Face Time for 12 months (twice a month)
  • Texts and emails 24/7 within the year
  • Bag of helpful practices that you can take with you
  • BONUS: Free e-book & Discounts on all my programs