3 day 1-1 spiritual retreat


I signed myself into a Buddhist monastery for 10 days and realised that I've done more work in those 10 days than I did in the past 5 years. Since then I regularly go into retreat at home or in nature. I come out with total clarity and focus, with an action plan. The brilliance and creativity of the solutions that come out of a retreat cannot be achieved in a day to day life full of energy and digital noise.



  • 3 days of isolation. You. Me. No phones. No computer. No Facebook.
  • Buddhist books. Mind maps. Meditation. Aha Moments.
  • Peaceful place that suits us equally both in terms of geography.
  • Focus. Clarity. Strategy.
  • Bag of helpful practices that you can take with you
  • BONUS: Free e-book & Discounts on all my programs