Kick Ass Muse

Life Coach | Therapist | Spiritual Teacher

Clee Stacy

After one session with Duda, I felt like I had been opened up and things had been stirred up – in the best possible way. I have worked through lots […]

Zrinka Vecek

Duda is a wonderful woman; responsible and organised, courageous and determined and yet so full of understanding and warm. She is actually more than words can describe. With her unique […]

Fidel Fatodu

Duda… where do I start? What a woman. She has an incredible knack for smoothing even the most turbulent times in your life whilst providing you with the wisdom to […]

Gianna Di Salvo

You have inspired me by being your own person. By not letting anyone or anything get in the way of you reaching your dreams. You are creative and always pushing […]

Sophie Harmer

I had known for some time that I was treading the wrong path in various aspect of my life and decided to look for a life coach. I came across […]

Tersha Willis

How I learnt to stop looking down whilst climbing the mountain to my dreams, how I learnt to give relentlessly and how I learnt to allow myself to receive. How […]

Beth Reacher

Duda is a blast of fresh air. She possesses strong intuitive abilities and is not afraid to speak the truth as she sees it. Everyone needs a Duda in their […]

Fernanda Parente

After a hiatus in my entrepreneurial life, all I needed to get back to it was a good kick in the ass. Duda gave it to me. It was a […]

Sandra Donskyte

‘I will stir your shit so you can see the sunshine. So better be ready!’ – this is more or less what Duda said to me before sitting on her […]

Matea Teller

One coaching session with Duda and I’m already in a state of mind “I can do this!” Duda is open, straight forward, full of examples and always ready to help. […]