Counselling is a safe and confidential space free of judgement, in which you can freely explore aspects of your identity, sexuality, relationships, family, past experiences, parenting or step-parenting, grief and loss, trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, and other experiences.

The aim of therapy is to find new perspectives on difficult life’s challenges, which empowers you to move forward in a more positive way. Other changes achieved by therapy include new self-awareness and a newly found resilience to cope with problems. This leads to more positive decisions in life.

In my private counselling practice, I support individuals with various personal concerns, couples with relationship challenges, parents and step-parents facing obstacles, families seeking to improve their family dynamics and LGBTQ individuals battling with stigma, trauma and discrimination.


In our first session, together we explore your concerns and decide which therapeutic approach suits you most. We do this collaboratively so that you feel heard and safe but also to get the best possible outcomes for your goals.

I am an experienced therapist and life coach. I bring not only a wealth of knowledge and experience into my therapy work but I’ve also personally overcome many challenges and have had the privilege to seek therapy on my journey when I felt stuck. I know what it feels like to be sitting on the couch.

My promise to you is that you’ll love “your couch”. It’s your opportunity to give yourself a gift of self-care and appreciation for the challenges you might currently face.

The number of sessions varies and is discussed in our first session.
Individual sessions last 55 mins at the rate of $110.
Couple sessions last 70 mins at the rate of $130.
Family therapy sessions are 75 mins at the rate of $150.
All rates are in AUD.

I offer face-to-face and online sessions and I work with clients from all over the world.

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Whether your concern is of a personal or career nature or you struggle with depression, anxiety, worry or addiction, I help you find the best way to understand your self more. We work together so you can explore your beliefs and find your strengths to overcome your challenge.

As an eclectic therapist, I am trained in a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches. We both decide which approach suits you best.

Book your free discovery call by calling on +61 402 710788 or email me on to see how I can support you.

LGBTQ individuals have the same rights as every other individual. However, it is important that when searching for a therapist, you find a safe space with an LGBTQ affirming therapist.

Often members of the LGBTQ community suffer from immense feelings of shame, stigma, abuse, trauma and discrimination. Trained in adequate interventions, I am also very passionate to support LGBTQ individuals as beautiful and equally respected members of our society.

Book your free discovery call by calling on +61 402 710788 or email me on to see how I can support you.

Couples therapy helps with a variety of concerns, such as lack of intimacy, infidelity, feelings of disconnectedness, ineffective communication, parenting stress and other external sources of distress.

Challenging times are a natural part of every relationship, yet many couples hide in shame and don’t seek counselling in time to overcome the challenges before they get too overwhelming.

If you are a couple looking for guidance around intimacy, infidelity, communication, boredom, having children, parenting skills, or any other causes of distress such as work and financial stress, handling in-laws or relatives, couple therapy is one of the best gifts you can give to your relationship.

I work with couples of all sexual preferences, including LGBTQ couples.

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There is no family that is completely functional. All members of the family are complex individuals and as part of a system, family dynamics are interdependent on all its individuals; how they all feel about and behave towards each other.

Amongst other concerns, family therapy helps family resolve conflicts and lack of understanding. This can be hard to achieve without a neutral third party.

In our sessions, I use a range of counselling techniques to identify and re-order the organisation of the family system. This results in all family members feeling understood, heard and safe to express themselves.

Together we look at patterns of interactions between family members, the belief systems, trans-generational transmission of unhelpful patterns of belief and behaviour, and the problem-saturated stories members often get caught into.

I work with both biological and step-families, and families of both straight and LGBTQ parents.

Book your free discovery call by calling on +61 402 710788 or email me on to see how I can support you.




ACT is an evidence-based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies mixed with commitment and behaviour-change strategies, to increase psychological flexibility.

In ACT, we work not to eliminate difficult feelings; instead, we learn to be present with what life brings us, and by opening up to unpleasant feelings, we learn not to overreact to them. As a consequence, we move from a place of fear and stop avoiding situations where challenges might occur.

ACT has proven results in the treatment of anxiety, obsessive worrying, depression, and general mental health.

As part of this approach, I show you SELF COMPASSION TECHNIQUES that not only equip you to cope with challenging situations but also help you work on healing any feelings of shame, guilt or inadequacy that you might carry.



CBT is scientifically proven for effective treatment of anxiety, depression, and general mental health.

In CBT, I work with you to identify thoughts that are causing your distress. This approach explores and challenges the assumptions that sit behind these distressful thoughts.

With my guidance, you understand your core beliefs about yourself, which are negatively impacting your well-being. You learn to adjust them according to newly gained insights, which results in changed behaviour and a more positive outlook on yourself and your life.



Where traditional therapy has historically focused on analysing a person’s problems (where they started to how they affect a person’s life), solution-focused therapy (SFT) focuses on a client’s ability to solve problems.

This approach is often helpful with a negative mindset, obsessive worrying, pessimism, anxiety, and depression.



MBCT is a therapeutic approach that uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques in collaboration with mindfulness meditation.

Studies have shown evidence of significant improvement in psychological distress, risk of burnout, self-compassion, anxiety, worry, mental well-being, and compassion by applying MBCT.


As a meditation teacher, I have extensive experience in teaching simple and effective meditation exercises that take a few minutes and are easy to practice.

Book your free discovery call on +61 402 710788 or email me on to see how I can support you.

√ Registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association.

√ Registered NLP Coach with the American Board of NLP.

√ Registered Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

√ Registered Time Line Therapy Practitioner with the Time Line Therapy Association.

√ Masters degree in Sociology, with the emphasis on Social Psychology and Human Behaviour.

√ Dedicated studies and training with the Tibetan Buddhist Lamas.

√ Certified in Meditation | Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction | Tibetan Buddhist Thought.

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