Business Birthday Interview: Duda Does

Published in The Good Web Guide  in October 2012

Duda Jadrijevic is the founder of duda does, the personal life organisers based in London. Duda and her team are happy to turn to any of those jobs that you’be been putting off, no job is too big or too small. We talk to Duda as her business celebrates its third anniversary, which she will do with friends and family, because without them duda does would not be where it is.

I guess I always had a strong feeling that one day I would just do what I do best and by my own rules. What I didn’t know is that a redundancy and an emotional break up with my ex-partner would be the ultimate inspiration to jump from the cliff so to speak.

My average working day involves checking emails nearly every five minutes, starting at 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. I deal with a lot of clients, organising appointments, online bookings, searching for best providers. Recently we we have bookings for a de-clutter case nearly three to four times a week so on top of organising private admin, we also re-organise homes.

High points of last year include… an enormous increase in demand which makes me happy as it shows that Londoners have woken up and realised that they need help here and there, international clients and our really cool fans.

As for recommending particular websites that have helped my business… Yes it should definitely be Amazon, Not On The High Street and the GWG. I always check what you guys list as my clients like the finer things in life.

My most overused phrase is… “Darling” and ‘My gut instinct says..”

I couldn’t live without… my smile because it got me through hell and is my best friend.

I am a great believer in helping each other so I don’t tend to lean on organisations. My soft spot is homeless people so I give as much as I can to those without shelter, sitting on the streets. I feel humble as they remind me how grateful I should be.

My advice to a budding entrepreneur thinking of starting up a business is… find your passion, make your own rules and get to know yourself.

You might not otherwise know that … I used to be a professional singer and dancer for the majority of my childhood and teenage years.

As for business apps… I use MimiBooks, mobile version of Freshbooks, online accounting software. I am in love with Apple stuff in general.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is… ‘Dig deep.’ My friend Barbara said this to me when I was at my lowest. It’s worth every inch of digging!

My business started with nothing in my pocket and it grew organically during the recession. I find this time a blessing to get our values straight. It feels refreshing to those who find creative ways.

I admire… Steve Jobs. He was a rebel, followed his insitincts and contributed in his unique way. He was brave!

In 5 years time, I see myself… managing a team of four at duda does and four at Teacup Ltd, a new company that I have set this year. I also see myself stepping into other small business ventures.

When recruiting new staff, I look for… anyone who wants and can do this job needs to be resourceful beyond limits, creative, disciplined and sophisticated, yet street-wise. It is difficult to get that but it is not impossible.