With over 35+ years of work experience across a variety of industries in Australia, UK, USA and Europe, I bring a unique and inspiring skillset and education to the services that I offer.

Based in Sydney, I offer face to face and online coaching, professional training, speaking opportunities, counselling and couples therapy in Australia and globally.

Here are my services that I currently offer. If you are seeking any of them and my words resonate with you, I would love to hear from you and workout how I can support you, provided we are a good match!


Counselling is a process in a non-judgemental space where you explore your feelings, beliefs, thoughts, needs and behaviours. If you have a specific problem or concern, are in a situation in which you feel stuck, counselling could help you get unstuck and get to the root cause of the issue faster. It’s a process in which we work together in finding helpful perspectives and ways to create change. 

I use an eclectic evidence based approach. My clients often appreciate my distinctly clear and insightful approach. Supported by my compassion, they also attend to homework so that they apply the newly raised awareness and put it into actions.

Couples therapy

In couples therapy, my client is your relationship.

Both partners need to bring the desire to change their own behaviours if they want to see the change in their relationship. There is no pointing fingers and yelling as I guide you in having hard conversations without hard feelings! There is also no expecting that I will save the day. It requires your action-taking between sessions.

Couple therapy is challenging yet it’s my favourite therapy with so many rewards. I take an un-biased stand and work with couples as a team. Despite hardship, I often laugh out loud with my couples. It truly can be fun!

If you’re a results-driven couple who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, face the issue and resolve it by learning not only new ways to communicate but also create a completely new attitude towards differences, compassion and facing the truth without fear, you’re a remarkable couple and I hope you’ll book in your initial session soon!

Life Coaching | Executive Coaching

In coaching sessions, the focus is on goals and the mindset. Coaching, unlike counselling, is about the aspirations you want to put into reality and a progressive approach to strategise your future actions to get you where you want to be. It’s future orientated and requires committed action during and between sessions.

I provide life coaching and executive coaching and have over 12+ years of experience working with people from all professional and cultural backgrounds. From CEO’s to business owners, students, mothers, artists, doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, actors, pilots…the list is long.

Professional Development | Workplace Coaching | Training Programs

I work with forward-thinking companies who are aware that the wellbeing of their staff and the positive culture they create is directly linked to the productivity of their teams and their overall business performance.

I create tailor made programs that are most relevant, super-engaging and results-driven programs for the unique needs of your staff. My eyes are all on your team to thrive and you getting the results in your business.

There is no topic we can’t cover, but some include Imposter Syndrome, Toxic Positivity, Productivity Without Burnout, Chronic Pain and Mental Health, Communication dn Relational Improvement, Team-Bonding, Motivation and Procrastination…

In addition to group sessions, I provide one-on-one sessions with staff members on specific goals and skills coaching.

I also provide Speaking Opportunities that inspired audiences across the globe.

About Me:

To say that my life has been exciting is an understatement. I’ve had a number of careers across the globe and I don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Since an early age I was a professional singer and dancer but ended up with a double degree. I packed by bag and moved to London in 2006, where I quickly found myself in senior management roles within the higher education sector.

In 2009, during a critical existential crisis, I decided that the best course of action is to prove to myself what I can become. At the time of having no job, no home, no network, I started my first business with nothing but my mindset, skills and the audacity to give it a go!

I soon built a small successful business, acquiring a number of loyal clients and some of the Fortune 500 companies. As I built my team and my network, I naturally found myself mentoring, training, coaching and counselling. I haven’t stopped since and I doubt I will.

The best way to describe the value one gets when working with me is that I don’t provide a simple package. I provide the entire life and work experience, education, insight and wisdom that I am today. An excellent communicator and story-teller, I transfer my know-how with an ease.

Professional and Educational background:

Experienced Registered Counsellor and Couples Therapist.

Experienced Certified Trainer and Assessor.

√ Experience Certified Coach.

√ Experienced in Workplace workshops.

√ Experienced in creating and delivering courses online and offline.

√ Experienced in Public Speaking.

√ Experienced in Private Practice, Corporate Sector, Higher Education and Business Management.

√ MA in Sociology, Dipl. in Counselling, Cert IV. in Training and Assessment.

√ Dedicated studies under guidance of the Tibetan Buddhist Lamas.

√ Meditation | Mindfulness training.

√ Ongoing Professional Development and Clinical Supervision as required by the industry.

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