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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” ~ Steve Jobs

Authentic people accept themselves. We not only respect them but we wish we had their courage to be themselves.

The reality is, most people aren’t authentic. They please others in order to feel accepted. They settle for things others told them to do or be out of fear of being rejected and they never end up doing what they truly desire. This always leads to a nagging sense of disatisfaction with an underlying sadness or even depression.

Every time we please others we betray ourselves. 

Some emotions that are a consequence of not living our own truth are fear, anxiety, distrust, pessimism, anger, resentment or jelousy. All these will have a huge impact on the quality of your life. It impacts your mindset, your energy levels, relationships, business – everything.

Maybe you’re already drowning in constant self-doubt, self-criticism, procrastination, disappointment or depression. If so, these are just a few signs of compromises you’ve made that are now impacting your well-being.

Your dissatisfaction is proof that what you want and what you do are two different things. They should be one. 

The good news is that you don’t have to follow suit of what most ordinary people do. You can follow suit of what authentic people do who become extraordinary not because they’re born like that but because they dare to live their truth. 


  1. Feeling stuck where you don’t belong hurts more than change.
  2. Authentic people are always respected and impactful. Fake people aren’t.
  3. Not exploring who you can become or not healing your fear or wounds, is wasting your precious time and it’s always a choice. What choice do you want to make?

Book a free discovery call with me. We’ll talk and find a way from there.

I’m Duda Baldwin – life coach, therapist and spiritual teacher. 

holistic therapist

My story:

Like you, life provided me with a lot of obstacles to test my courage to stay true to myself. I successfully overcame them and am therefore free to be just me.

My life story is one of endless success. I guarantee you that every success I have is due to only one thing – being authentic. Authenticity is not just telling what you think, it means knowing exactly who you are at any given time, including all your potential. Authenticity helps me make the right choices and feel well.

Age 10, I had a successful music career. As the leading soloist of huge ensembles and various bands, I’ve trained myself in leadership from early on, although I’m naturally an introvert. At the age of 26, I got offered a PhD but instead, I ended up building a 6-figure business in London at a time when I was homeless and mentally fragile.

Achievements came easily to me but I was more interested in building a life around my own values, with a healthy mindset, on my heart’s terms. Raised by an extraordinary father who taught me Stoicism over every dinner conversation, it rubbed off on me so here I am – educating others how and why to live an authentic life. 

As with all the good, life gave me hardship, too. I suffered and overcome suicidal depression, anxiety and panic attacks, PTSD, complicated grief and multiple trauma. I refused to push my pain under the carpet by distracting myself with the conventional success and material gains and instead I took a stoic approach to explore the root causes of human suffering, mine included. This led me to study and practice Buddhist philosophy and psychology with Tibetan Buddhist Lamas.

Before I became a coach, I founded my first online business from being homeless to working with clients from Fortune 500 companies, luxury fashion brands and Hollywood names. My success story got published and soon people across the globe asked me to coach them. In 2016 I became one of the Virgin Start Up Mentors in the UK.

My work:

Certified in meditation teachings, MBSR and the Tibetan Buddhist Thought, I educate people on practical spiritual principles both in my online coaching, therapy and my online course Little School of Buddhism

I’m a certified counselling therapist, NLP Coach, and hold a Masters degree in Sociology.

A great coach is a well of knowledge and wisdom and therefore helps you understand what you really want and how to get it. A coach challenges you out of your comfort zone and works on your truth and mindset. Think of all the great athletes. They wouldn’t be legends without their coaches. Life coaching is a combination of that mindset approach from the sports industry and a deep understanding of the meaning of (your) life. If on top of that you find someone who is also working with human behaviour and painful emotions, you found a gem. 

Most of my clients have tried conventional therapy (or are conventional therapists themselves) but they felt something is missing. This approach works fast as it cuts straight to the root causes of all the universal painful experiences and provides clear pathways to all the good we desire.

When working with me, I educate you on the mind, body and spirit connection to your experiences in simple terms. This is crucial because we can only truly heal and break the pattern of unwanted behaviour if we understand the root cause of our problem.

I incorporate techniques from Buddhism, entrepreneurship and therapy into my coaching. This not only helps with feeling better but your motivation, optimism, joyfulness and sense of ease will increase. You’ll get the tools to become a self-healer which will automatically boost your confidence and trust in yourself.

Wisdomno BS approach and my vast success in life is what serves my clients over and over again.

Remember, outer success without inner peace means absolutely nothing.

What’s Kick Ass Muse?

It’s a safe space I created for people wanting to work with me. By safe I mean you’re free to be who you are (everything else is just a waste of time!). My job is to give you a kick where you need help in getting unstuck.

If you’re thinking of working with me then book a free discovery call with me. You can also check my affordable online courses on relationships, business, stepparenting and spirituality. 

Who I Work With

We should talk if you’re:

  • Feeling itchy in your comfort zone and are ready to expand.
  • Ready to commit to finding your own definition of success.
  • Committed to self-exploration and are tired of limiting beliefs.
  • Ready to stop the vicious circle of anxiety, depression and disatisfaction and understand what’s truly going on for you.

To discover if we’re the right match and how I can help you book a free discovery call with me.

Who I Don’t Work With

I don’t work with those who:

  • Prefer “safety” over change, despite feeling like shit
  • Use lack of time or money as their constant excuses
  • Blame others for their issues and constantly complain
  • Use “not sure, maybe, sort of” way too much
  • Think they already know everything they need to know
  • Are scared of mistakes and failures
  • Dislike facing the truth

Areas That I Cover

Personal Coaching

  • Overcoming Painful Emotions
  • Positive Thinking
  • Winning Mindset
  • Clarity and Purpose
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Overcoming Grief
  • Step-parenting challenges
  • Confidence, Self-Belief, Self-Acceptance
  • Spiritual Practice, i.e. Buddhism / Mindfulness / Law of Attraction

Business Coaching

  • Vision and Strategy
  • Productivity Without Hustle
  • Easy Decision-Making
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Finding Motivation
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Overcoming Burnout
  • Authentic Self-Promotion
  • Confidence in Pricing Your Service and Products
  • Overcoming Fear of Failure
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