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Hi. I’m Duda – couple therapist, counsellor and life coach offering face to face sessions in Sydney CBD and North Sydney. Also available are online sessions for clients outside of Sydney or those wanting to attend sessions from the comfort of their home.

My clients come to me when they feel something isn’t right in their life; whether that’s their relationship, family they come from, friendships or at work. Seeking my support doesn’t require a massive transformation. It’s often just that one change in one particular aspect of your life that you need to make. As a result, you feel significantly better about yourself.


Together, we look at your own values and learn to separate them from the external noise of what you “should do”. We go into the “why” and “how” of what you’re currently doing to what you actually want to do. If you need confidence and motivation in your career, rest assured that you will be reminded of your capabilities that you have somehow buried and forgotten about. 

If we don’t create the change when we feel it’s due, we start facing a dissatisfaction, it slowly creeps in. Consequently, this can lead to anxiety, anger issue or even suicidal thoughts. Most clients fear that there is something wrong with them however in our sessions they often find themselves relieved because they recognise it was the constant dissatisfaction that they have dealt with. 


In couple therapy sessions, the focus is on the relationship. Both partners will have find the will to contribute to the change they want to see in their relationship. Truth to be told, it’s not easy for couples to seek help so I create an honest and transparent space where I guide the couple towards each side feeling safe to speak out and feel heard. Couple therapy is challenging for everyone involved, it requires action-taking between sessions and an open mind for both parties. I take an objective stand in couple therapy and work with couples as a team for our one and only client – their relationship.

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My story:

Like you, life provided me with a lot of lovey experiences and obstacles. I know what it feels like to sit on that couch and face your own vulnerability.

Every success I had so far is due to many reasons (such as grit and discipline) but the main one is: I continuously worked on myself, sought feedback where I felt I can improve, embraced challenge as part of life and committed to change where needed. This attitude helps me grow as a human being and staying authentic. 

Before I became a life coach and then therapist, in 2010 I founded my first online business from being homeless to working with clients from Fortune 500 companies, luxury fashion brands and Hollywood names. My success story got published and soon people across the globe asked me to coach them. I then progressed into the field of counselling and today I offer life coaching, individual and couples counselling.


√ Registered Counsellor (member of the Australian Counselling Association).

√ Diploma in Counselling.

√ Certified NLP Coach.

√ Masters degree in Sociology.

√ Dedicated studies and training with the Tibetan Buddhist Lamas.

√ Accredited in Meditation | Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

√ Ongoing Professional Development and Clinical Supervision as required by the industry.

Who I Work With

We should talk if you’re:

  • Feeling itchy in your comfort zone and are ready to expand.
  • Ready to commit to create the change you know you need.
  • Committed to self-exploration and are tired of “should’s”.
  • Ready to stop the vicious circle of anxiety, depression and dissatisfaction and understand what’s truly going on for you.

To discover if we’re the right match and how I can help you book a free discovery call with me.

Who I Don’t Work With

I don’t work with those who:

  • Prefer “safety” over change, despite feeling like s***
  • Use lack of time or money as their constant excuses
  • Blame others for their issues and constantly complain
  • Think they already know everything they need to know

Areas That I Cover

Couple and Individual Therapy

  • Relationship therapy
  • Parenting and Step-parenting challenges
  • Family therapy
  • Individual counselling
  • CBT, RBT, ACT, Mindfulness, Trauma-informed therapy, Gottman method and others
  • Group therapy
  • Clarity, Purpose and Motivation
  • Stress, Burnout, Bullying, Time management, Job satisfaction
  • Grief and Loss counselling
  • Confidence, Self-Belief, Self-Acceptance
  • Spiritual counselling

Life Coaching

  • Clarity and Purpose
  • Defining Goals and creating Actions Plans
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Productivity Without Hustle
  • Decision-Making
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Finding Motivation
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Overcoming Burnout
  • Overcoming Fear of Failure

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