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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” ~ Steve Jobs

Authentic people accept themselves and live according to who they are. Many wish they had their courage. I’m here to tell you that you do.

Inauthentic living is a life of the average Joe; following what others expect of us in order to fit in, to feel accepted; fearing rejection; never questioning why we do certain things; forgetting what used to make us passionate, motivated and excited. 

Today we hear everywhere that there is a way to turn things around. That way is nothing else but our own courage. Courage to ask honest questions about what we are doing and why. Courage to have a critical look at the society and investigate if the American dream truly lived up to its promise or do we still fee empty. Courage to burn that which we aren’t and create that which we are, no matter what others might think of it.

Transformational coaching is a proven and forward-thinking approach that accelerates that journey and bring results before we regret not living the life we wanted.

When we don’t live according to our own truth fear, anxiety- pessimism – anger – jelousy take over. We might cover these feelings with prozac, wine, workaholism or partying, but it never actually goes away. It will keep impacting everything in our life.

If you’re living in constant self-doubt, self-criticism, disgust with yourself even, procrastination, disappointment or depression, it’s time to explore what’s not making you tick, find what’s missing and how to get there. 


  1. Feeling stuck where you don’t belong hurts more than change.
  2. Authentic people are always respected and impactful. Fake people aren’t.
  3. Not exploring who you can become or not healing your fear or wounds, is wasting your precious time and it’s always a choice. What choice do you want to make?

Book a free discovery call with me. We’ll talk and find a way from there.

I’m Duda Baldwin – life coach, therapist and spiritual teacher. 

My story:

Like you, life provided me with a lot of obstacles to test my courage to stay true to myself. I overcame them all and am therefore here to show you how you can, too.

My life story is one of endless success. Every success I had is due to only one thing – being authentic. Authenticity simply means knowing exactly who you are at any given time, including all your potential. Authenticity helps me make the right choices and feel good about myself and the challenge ahead.

Age 10, I already had a successful music career. At the age of 26, I got offered a PhD but instead, I decided to build a 6-figure business in London at a time when I faced the challenge of homelessness and mental fragility. I was only able to do all of this because I had the courage to choose my authenticity over and over again.

But life also gave me hardship like becoming homeless, heart-broken, or experiencing trauma. At times, I suffered from suicidal depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I also overcame workaholism and severe burnout that were the side-effects of chasing conventional success. I took a U-turn and quietly studied spiritual teachings that in addition to my outer success, led me to my inner peace, the true form of success. 

Before I became a coach, back in 2010 I founded my first online business from being homeless to working with clients from Fortune 500 companies, luxury fashion brands and Hollywood names. My success story got published and soon people across the globe asked me to coach them. 

My work:

√ Registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association.

√ Registered NLP Coach with the American Board of NLP.

√ Registered Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

√ Registered Time Line Therapy Practitioner with the Time Line Therapy Association.

√ Masters degree in Sociology, with the emphasis on Social Psychology and Human Behaviour.

√ Dedicated studies and training with the Tibetan Buddhist Lamas.

√ Certified in Meditation | Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction | Tibetan Buddhist Thought.

A great coach is a well of knowledge and wisdom and therefore helps you understand what you really want and how to get it.

A coach challenges you out of your comfort zone and works on your truth and mindset. Think of all the great athletes. They wouldn’t be legends without their coaches.

When working with me, I educate you on the mind, body and spirit connection that led you to the place you are in now and the place that you want to reach.

I incorporate techniques from the Buddhist teachings and evidence-based CBT, ACT, and SBT therapy into my coaching. This not only helps with you feeling better but your motivation, courage, and joyfulness will increase. You’ll get the tools to become a self-healer which will automatically boost your confidence and trust in yourself.

Who I Work With

We should talk if you’re:

  • Feeling itchy in your comfort zone and are ready to expand.
  • Ready to commit to finding your own definition of success.
  • Committed to self-exploration and are tired of limiting beliefs.
  • Ready to stop the vicious circle of anxiety, depression and disatisfaction and understand what’s truly going on for you.

To discover if we’re the right match and how I can help you book a free discovery call with me.

Who I Don’t Work With

I don’t work with those who:

  • Prefer “safety” over change, despite feeling like shit
  • Use lack of time or money as their constant excuses
  • Blame others for their issues and constantly complain
  • Use “not sure, maybe, sort of” way too much
  • Think they already know everything they need to know
  • Are scared of mistakes and failures
  • Dislike facing the truth

Areas That I Cover

Personal Coaching

  • Overcoming Painful Emotions
  • Positive Thinking
  • Winning Mindset
  • Clarity and Purpose
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Overcoming Grief
  • Step-parenting challenges
  • Confidence, Self-Belief, Self-Acceptance
  • Spiritual Practice, i.e. Buddhism / Mindfulness / Law of Attraction

Business & Career Coaching

  • Clarity
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Productivity Without Hustle
  • Easy Decision-Making
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Finding Motivation
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Overcoming Burnout
  • Authentic Self-Promotion
  • Confidence in Pricing Your Service and Products
  • Overcoming Fear of Failure
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