No more boring corporate training which you pay for, yet your staff secretly despises.

I offer avant-garde, relevant and engaging training for you and your staff that will reflect in immediate changes within your office.

  • Tailor made to unique needs of your staff
  • Modern and engaging presentation
  • Up-to date topics delivered with high impact
  • Inclusive and welcoming atmosphere focused on engagement of all staff, including introverts

Training programs include (but can be adjusted and expanded as per your business’ needs):

  • Internal communication skills
  • High productivity without burnout
  • Tackling the imposter syndrome
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Time management
  • Presenting and public speaking

As a trained counsellor, I build rapport with people easily and can scan the room for those who might need extra support to confidently engage.

As a trainer, I build the sessions around various learning and personality styles and adjust programs on-the go as and where needed.

As a sociologist, I bring thought provoking and therefore interesting topics to the table. No more taboos, or secret fears amongst team players.

As an experienced performer and public speaker, I connect with your staff and role model and train on confident public speaking, assertive and clear communication and other interpersonal skills, such as charisma and impact on others.

As a passionate business owner I am driven by you getting the results. I value you trust and money and take great excitement in supporting your team and your business to grow personally and professionally.

Relevant Accreditation:

√ Certified in Training and Assessment.

√ Experienced in delivering professional workshops and public speaking.

√ Registered Counsellor and Couple Therapist.

√ Experienced in Career counselling and Business coaching.

√ Certified NLP Coach.

√ Masters degree in Sociology, Diploma in Counselling, Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

√ Ongoing Professional Development and Clinical Supervision as required by the industry.

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