After one session with Duda, I felt like I had been opened up and things had been stirred up – in the best possible way. I have worked through lots of my issues for a long time, but Duda gave me a brand new perspective on it all that I haven’t had in ages, and it set my heart and soul in motion to learn, and I mean really really learn, from the pain I’ve been suffering for so long. That isn’t an easy thing to do with someone like me, who has been round the houses with my issues, but Duda was able to find new ways to see and deal with my stuff. Duda was direct, which was what I needed, and yet I still felt cared for and safe. Duda certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you get the feeling you’d benefit from working with her, if she’s ‘your kinda person’, just go book that first session. You’ll be thankful you did. Thank you Duda, you’re wonderful ❤

Duda is a wonderful woman; responsible and organised, courageous and determined and yet so full of understanding and warm. She is actually more than words can describe.
With her unique personality she encouraged me to use all my potential she spotted I have within me. With her support and guidance, I managed to find my own strength and used up all my qualities to put my life in order. Simply put, Duda changed my life.
She helped me find my own way from a lost person unhappy with myself and my life to a person who today leads a fulfilling life living what I always wanted. She always has been and will be my inspiration!

Duda… where do I start? What a woman. She has an incredible knack for smoothing even the most turbulent times in your life whilst providing you with the wisdom to both savour and capture the moment. Be it in the office, as a mentor or a friend, life’s a lot better when Duda’s around.

You have inspired me by being your own person. By not letting anyone or anything get in the way of you reaching your dreams. You are creative and always pushing the boundaries – unafraid to try new things, be curious and explore. And you seem to be able to do anything you set your mind to, which is very admirable indeed.

I had known for some time that I was treading the wrong path in various aspect of my life and decided to look for a life coach. I came across an article on Duda featured on Beth Reacher’s website and knew instinctively that I had to contact her because the were elements of her story that resonated with me. Speaking to Duda not only gave me an insight into the life of a determined and successful entrepreneur but also gave me the courage to push on with my own ambitions at a time where I felt stuck. Duda’s non-nonsense attitude is inspiring, her work ethic remarkable and yet she still maintains a great sense of humour. I look forward to speaking to her again in the near future when I need an inspiration top up!

How I learnt to stop looking down whilst climbing the mountain to my dreams, how I learnt to give relentlessly and how I learnt to allow myself to receive. How I found the energy and the courage to be happy… And how I learnt to love and be inspired and motivated by the truth, even when it wasn’t what I had hoped to hear: KickAssMuse.

Duda is a blast of fresh air. She possesses strong intuitive abilities and is not afraid to speak the truth as she sees it. Everyone needs a Duda in their life to get them to confront what they’ve been hiding from- and truly own the life they want. If I could, I’d shrink Duda and put her in my handbag because well, everyone needs a Duda in their life!

After a hiatus in my entrepreneurial life, all I needed to get back to it was a good kick in the ass. Duda gave it to me. It was a gentle and compassionate kick, but mainly an extremely honest one. After our session, I got quite angry at myself and managed to turn that energy into practical baby steps to get back on my feet.

‘I will stir your shit so you can see the sunshine. So better be ready!’ – this is more or less what Duda said to me before sitting on her white leather couch. And these were not just the words. Duda does really makes you see the truth and the solutions to your problems. Love her ‘no bullshit’, natural, genuine and passionate attitude to you and your shit. She was a friend before that and even better one after it.

One coaching session with Duda and I’m already in a state of mind “I can do this!”
Duda is open, straight forward, full of examples and always ready to help. She definitely leads you in the right direction and has great intuition where to poke a little extra 🙂 You don’t talk about temporary solutions with Duda, but rather make smart and long term changes and decisions.
She has definitely helped to see the bigger picture and start running my business with the end in mind.
So thank you, Duda, for being a great example and inspiration! Was pleasure to work with you.

Dear Duda,
I have just finished your course on Udemy on how to find courage and freedom to get what you want.
I really enjoyed it!! I’ve been having a hard last few days so this was refreshing and necessary to bring me back on the right track. Thank you so much for sharing it!
I can’t wait to see you in Zagreb.

I am taking your Udemy course and I find your simple techniques and insights to be very helpful for my target of personal growth and cultivating happy relationships, thank you, Duda!

I caught some face-time with Duda to talk through some challenges I was facing with my workload and habits. Duda listens directly to what you’re saying, but also provides a deep level of insight into the issues that aren’t immediately forthcoming. This benefitted me greatly, as I’d struggled to get past a certain point up until then. With Duda’s help, I’ve managed to create a new set of working habits and practices that have boosted my productivity immeasurably.

Duda, thank you for your brilliant workshop on Monday. I really enjoyed it and found it super useful – I’ve already started moving my to do list into my calendar and it’s really helping. A revelation!

Even Experts need Coaching!!!

So, I just got off a Skype call with my coaching team… (oh yes! I have a coach! Even coaches have coaches!) And She is amazing! and is helping me build not only myself but my business too!). Check Duda Jadrijevic out at www.Kickassmuse.com.

So if you know me…. I can work with technology, but ONLY to a point… and then I hit the wall, and cry, and want to throw my computer out the window! Ever been there? Like.. daily?

See, this is an example showing that everyone needs help with something… my strong areas are where others struggle; and my weak areas – well, why struggle and create so much negative energy? Been there, done that… and it didn’t help my IT problems! My computer still didn’t work! Haha.

So now, I’m just going to the experts for help!

What has my coach helped me do?
Wow… what hasn’t she helped me with?!

• She helped me find my confidence within, and love myself, and make sure I treat myself properly.
• She gave me approaches to deal with negative situations in a positive way.
• She gave me approaches to deal with baggage from my past
• She provided a team to help me build my business (yes! Including the IT side of it!!!)…(sigh of relief!).

There are so many coaches out there, and sometimes one wonders how to choose the right one. I chose to have a conversation with Duda because I had the feeling that she could understand – and therefore help me – with both the spiritual and the material sides of my life. I wasn’t wrong. Duda helped me to tune into my inner wisdom in a moment when doubts seemed to block my ability to discern and choose. If you want someone who knows how to go deep, Duda is certainly one of your best options!

There is a lot of coaches out there who are promising to help you unleash the power you have within yourself. I would like to invite you to be aware that a lot of these coaches didn’t even access their own power and wisdom yet. That’s where Duda cuts through the bullshit. Duda became successful before she became a coach, Duda accessed her power and her wisdom before she started coaching. But that is not why I give her credits, I give her credits for the way she is and the way she shows up. Duda is one of the most powerful woman I have met, she is a rare breed, she invests herself completely in her work and always over delivers on what she has promised. Thank you Duda for lighting up the world by being you!

Duda has the ability to give you a totally new perspective about you, your life and your business. She can give you all the answers you have been looking for and made you feel stuck in some of those areas. I found the spiritual approach is very accurate to give you all the clarity you might need and keep your balance in order to execute all the actions that you need to take in your life and business. I started receiving coaching 8 years ago and Duda is completely different than other coaches, just try the Initial Consultation and you’ll figure out how your life can change in just 2 hours.

Duda has saved me and inspired me, and she’s taken a great part in helping my career and life where I stand now.
Her wise words have truly encouraged me, giving me the confidence to keep positive and happy which also brought joy to my work.

She is a dedicated, committed and responsible person who is trustworthy and reliable.
Living and working in this world where you meet new people, you don’t encounter many business men and women who you can truly trust. Even your long term friends cannot assure such relationship with you, but it is different with Duda.
Her work ethic, values and morals stand for the ideal role model, whom I look up to and I feel grateful for knowing her.
Not only she is already successful but the reason behind her success is this hard working genuine person. I am always proud to recommend her, talk about her, and support her too.

She will show you the perspective to keep you on track.
She is has a great sense of humour and always reminds you to enjoy your life.
She talks from her heart, from her soul and she always tells you the raw truth with compassion.
She is the real coach who thinks about you, teaches you what you need to know and what’s important to focus in life.
She is the coach who will be there for you not leaving you to do it all alone.

Trust her and give yourself fully. Duda will lead you in the right direction. Just sit back, relax and find yourself amused of having the chance to connect with her. I can assure you your life won’t be the same with using her wisdom.

The funny thing is that before starting to work with Duda, she left me a few voice messages that I listened to for a minimum of three times just to hear her voice as it was so relaxing and so sweet that I couldn’t stop listening to her, I was so excited to meet her. During our initial consultation, I felt the connection straight away – she seemed like an angel to me; so peaceful, open and caring.

At every session, she met me with a huge smile and such a great energy. Once she felt so bad and sick, still she was happy and positive – all of us should learn this from her!

She empowered the strength in me, I was very motivated to do stuff for my business. Plus she is full of creative ideas. But most importantly, Duda helped me to deal with my past worries that I was carrying with me.

Duda is a coach who I can trust, she gave me a lot of great advice that I needed. She has a big heart and I can feel that what she does – it all comes from her heart. I highly recommend working with Duda especially when it comes to relationships, love and other deep things. Thank you, Duda, for being in my life ❤

My investment in coaching with Duda was the best investment of my life (and I’ve invested around £20,000 in myself in various ways over the years, so it’s not the best by default!). I came to Duda thinking I needed some guidance with the usual symptomatic things – direction, purpose, accountability – but ended up leaving the programme with something quite different. We barely touched any business work, which is fortunate, because that’s not what Duda is really about and certainly not where she can best help others. Instead, we worked on forgiveness of my mother; facing anxieties and fears about my best friend that I’d carried around for years (and wasn’t consciously aware of); my current relationship; law of attraction and the ‘vortex’ of emotional states; and the importance of giving time to things to resolve themselves (which they always do).

I am now a different person in many ways. I am stronger and more resilient, even more, comfortable with myself and who I am and I am also reaching a stage where I no longer make deals with other people – I just make deals with the universe instead. It always has my back and always sorts everything out. I never knew how to harness this power before, but I am increasingly comfortable with it with each passing day. I have learnt the power of my own intuition – it somehow already knows what’s right for me anyway – and the fact that I come first in my life. I’d never have internalised these things in such a rapid timescale if it wasn’t for Duda’s coaching.

And that’s what Duda really does well, fundamentally – improve the timescale of your personal and spiritual growth. It’s probable that you’d grow alone, sure, but Duda massively speeds it up, like any good coach, and leaves you a changed individual. Whenever Duda spoke to me during our sessions, I felt the intention of her love and care, even if it was things I struggled to handle. She is calm, patient, gentle and committed and you will live a much freer, more fulfilling, more authentic, more peaceful and more joyful life, as a result of working with her. Duda asks for one thing from her clients – a commitment to the process – so if you can provide that, but are still on the fence, just do it. It’ll pay dividends down the road that you likely can’t even imagine right now. Prepare to go on a journey into your inner core, getting to know, and love, the person with whom you can have the most rewarding relationship of your life – yourself.

I have worked with Duda several times in the last year and I am very happy to say that all I have learned from Duda has been very beneficial in my daily life. Duda knows how to transmit her knowledge in a calm and comprehensive way. I always feel so at peace after her teachings and meditations. Whether you are looking for guidance and change in your personal life, in a relationship for work or for difficult periods in life, Duda has a fresh way of looking at the situation and helpful meditations that are easy to make part of your daily routine. I personally have now found a place for daily meditation in my life and it has made a big difference in how I see the world and how others perceive me. I would strongly recommend any of Duda’s classes!

There are some people who need coaching. There are some people who need therapy. And then there are people who need both because our life progress is often blocked by something we have not worked through in our past.
Duda is not afraid to speak her mind and instead of tip-toeing around she will pierce right through the issues all the while enveloping you in a sphere of safety and support so that you can successfully reach your goals if you are ready to do the work. Do not go to Duda for coaching or therapy if you are not ready to hear truth. Do go to Duda though when you are ready, and you won’t regret it.

Duda is a great life coach, she quickly gets to the root of the issues that are bothering you and calls it out…you might be able to fool yourself but there’s no fooling Duda!!! I can’t thank her enough for giving me the push to face my own issues…giving me that kickstart to make decisions and get going. Duda gives a lot in her sessions, her experiences, her authenticity, her honesty, her time and she gives these generously. Duda is totally there for you & has your back. She really wants you to succeed and shows you the pathway to getting there… you’ve got to do the work though so be prepared to face your fears. There are no hiding places. I loved Duda’s pragmatic guidance …she tells you what you need to do and how to do it…the world would be a better place if everyone had someone like Duda in their life. Duda resonated a lot with me & I am grateful that I found her, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Duda.

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